CTR Super Sonic "Nitro"

Brains, work ethic, and temperament – this 2010 stallion is the complete package and passes that consistently onto his offspring along with his conformation and color.

Pleasure under saddle in mixed company or head out alone. You can find Nitro piloted by an amateur rider through a number of successes this past 2021 season:

  • Regional ApHC Most Colorful at Halter – 2nd place and 8th (2 shows)
  • Regional ApHC Senior Stallion at Halter -3rd and 1st (2 shows)
  • Regional ApHC Green Western Pleasure – 1st
  • Regional ApHC Green Hunter Under Saddle -2nd
  • NATRC – Always places in the ribbons across 3 years – fourth to first place
  • GRAND CHAMPION ICAA 2022 and 2021
  • ICAA Senior Stallion -1st
  • ICAA Most Colorful at Halter -1st
  • ICAA Open Most Colorful – 1st
  • ICAA Open Ranch Riding
  • Training level Dressage test – 60%
  • Previous showing:  3rd in FPD Stallions at the 2015 ApHC World Show.

Cooled or frozen shipped semen available from CA Maxey Appaloosa Heritage Foundation

CTR Super Sonic (Nitro) is registered with ApHC (674171), ICAA (F4-2716), FAHR (1049), FAA and AApA.

6 panel n/n

EE aa LPlp PATN1n


He boasts some of the great foundation horses in his pedigree including: Solar Flair Eclat, Chubs Powderface, Simcoes Sarcee, Red Eagle, Morgans Leopard, Navajos Candy, Bambi E, Ben Buzz, Tobys I, II, III, & IV, Chief of Fourmile, Ti Kha Atta Rain, My Silver Eagle, Joker B, Chief Malheur, Freels Chico, Sundance 500 Coyotes Apache, Peppers Shamrock, Sun Powder Spirit, Simcoes Sarcee, Kaniksus Spots, Cedar Ridge Spot and more.

Cutthroat Speckle MA

A gregarious and athletic junior stallion, ‘Trout’, is ready for his first breeding season. Fertility (motility and concentration) at the top of the 90th percentile- he’s ready to be collected and shipped for your mare. Successful in the halter show ring with an amateur handler and starting his under saddle career in 2024. He has the traditional walk/trot/lope in addition to a gaited shuffle for smooth ground covering. Heterozygous for gaiting. 
6 panel negative 
EE aa LP/n PATN1 C/A
Ship cooled semen M-F out of Colorado for 2024
His sire is Broker’s Design: Broker is 5-panel N/N, is Ee/aa, LP/lp, no PATN, no splash (although he puts chrome on his foals!). 2019 was his last season standing to the outside public- which is one reason we have Trout available for shipping nation wide. He has several GC Stallion titles and was Top 10 (6th) in the Nation 2017 for FPD Stallions.


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