Birthdate: June 27, 2010

CTR Super Sonic (Nitro) is a stunning black leopard registered stallion with some exceptional foundation lines in his pedigree. Nitro is registered with ApHC, ICAA, FAHR, FAA and AApA. Nitro placed 3rd in FPD Stallions at the ApHC World Show. He joined our Foundation in the spring of 2020 to stand at stud and further his athletic career. We are beyond impressed with his manners both in the breeding shed and in the arena- this is a horse who loves having a job. In his off time, he can be found napping in the grass with his baby goat friend or admiring his long locks in the water trough. His sweet demeanor and willingness to please has made him fit right in with us. Stay tuned for foals, shows, and reach out for stud opportunities.

100% Foundation Pedigree Designation Eligibility