Birthdate: April 8, 2000

The passing (November, 2018) of our 18-year-old herd matriarch has left a hole in all of our hearts. Twiga was a versatile riding horse and dedicated mother to Truffle and Chui. She was a notorious foal thief though and had a reputation both on the farm and at the veterinarian’s for trying to herd foals away from their mothers to be adopted by her. She would even stand over a mare actively in labor, nickering encouragement, only to lick the newborn clean and try to nurse it as though it was hers. Her watchful guardianship over other’s foals extended to defending them from coyotes, elk, and mountain lions. Twiga’s stamp has been left on her progeny; kind temperaments, strong endurance, stubbornness, and intelligence to problem solve.

90% Foundation Pedigree Designation Eligibility